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Automatic chemical filling device



JY series dosing device is suitable for boiler feed water treatment, furnace water treatment, raw water pretreatment, circulating water treatment, environmental protection sewage treatment, petrochemical industry, and can be used to transport various chemical agents very stably, so as to meet the process requirements of different working conditions.

○ This type of dosing device can be equipped with a number of national patent "Dachao" brand metering pumps produced by our company, and can also be equipped with imported metering pumps according to user needs.

○ Metering pumps, solution tanks, electrical control cabinets, buffers, safety valves, valves, pipes, etc. are all installed on a base made of steel, which is very convenient for lifting, installation and operation. It can be designed into various shapes according to the user's dosing space requirements.

○ The metering pump on the device can set the working pump and the standby pump arbitrarily according to the needs. If there are more than two solution boxes, the solution box can be used alternately or simultaneously.

○ Over-current material can be 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon steel lining (plastic), PE, PVC, etc. according to different corrosion resistance requirements.

○ According to different technical requirements, the electric control cabinet can be used with local manual control, semi-automatic control and fully automatic control.

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