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SQ series double acting pneumatic infusion pump


Main feature

○ Double-acting structure, higher pump efficiency, patent has been accepted;

○ When used for natural gas extraction for methanol replenishment, natural gas can be used as a power source without the need to provide power, which is very economical;

○ The moving parts have no metal contact, safe and reliable;

○ If compressed air is used as the power source, it can be used to transport various chemical media in flammable and explosive places.

○ Stable performance and low maintenance workload.



Performance parameters and shape installation dimensions

Model Flow L/h Discharge pressure MPa Diaphragm diameter mm Import and export trail(d) mm
QZG40-10/5 10 5.0 25 φ10
Card connector
QZG40-12/7 12.0 7.0
QZG40-17/8 17 8.0
QZG40-25/10 25 10.0
QZG40-34/12 34 12.0
QZG40-39/14 39 14.0
QZG40-44/16 44 16.0
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